Daisy Tormé, actress, singer and host, is the talented daughter of Jazz legend Mel Tormé and British actress Janette Scott. Very early on, Daisy knew that her one true love was performing and throughout her life, she has worked in almost every corner of the performing arts: Film, television, radio, stage, opera and much voice-over and animation.

Her professional career started at age eight when she sang along side her famous dad in "The Christmas Songs."(PBS) Soon after, a move to England would split her time between school and her mother there, and her father, who remained in L.A. In England, her crafts were honed by Dennis Wicks of the English National Opera, and her own grandmother, legendary English actress Dame Thora Hird, which paid off in a two-year residency and starring roles with the New Sussex Opera Company, and a Gold Medal with Honors in Acting from London's famed Guildhall. Back in L.A., her jazz acumen would continue to grow….

After graduating from Benenden, a traditional British all-girls boarding school, Daisy enrolled at UCLA, earning a degree in English. It was there she booked her first voice-over job, which was the beginning of a love affair she continues to have with the microphone. Since then, Daisy's voice has appeared not only on her own daily radio show, but in, for example: Newsroom, Total Recall, 2012, Sex and the City, Syriana, NCIS, Shrek 4, ER, Austin Powers:Goldmember, Megamind, Desperate Housewives, The West Wing, CSI, CSI: Miami, CSI: New York, Supernatural, Sliders (her brother Tracy's creation), Beverly Hills 90210, Charlie's Angels and The Hangover, to name but a few! She has also voiced two radio campaigns for the Armed Services Radio Network, several video games and the complete anime series Ninja Scroll, where she stars as the Light Maiden Shigure. (Please see resume page for complete list of credits.)

From playing Peggy Lee and Sinatra on the radio airwaves to Tony Bennett on KCET-TV, to singing the standards herself at the Las Vegas Hilton alongside brother James, Daisy maintains her strong ties to jazz. She wants the greatest music played everywhere. This passion threw her onto TV as a host for the first time eight years ago, and since then, she's been KCET's darling! She's hosted a live evening with Josh Grobin and with Chris Botti and has also branched out into other areas for KCET, including hosting An Evening with Dr. Wayne Dyer, Prime Suspect, and most recently an Antiques Roadshow Live Auction TV Event alongside the Roadshow's own Mark L. Walberg.

Daisy donates her time to many non-profit and charitable causes. She has hosted several events for the Cancer Support Community and YWCA, worked on the jazz-fundraiser committee at the Stroke Association of Southern California, hosted a telethon for Pet-Place Animal Shelters, celebrity-bowled (very badly!) for AIDS research and voiced the Free Arts For Abused Children campaign . In June 2007, Daisy was an Honoree at the Annual Women of Action luncheon, honoring women who achieve both high standards in their chosen careers and in charity work, all benefiting cancer research.

Daisy's is a news-addict who loves sports (watching and playing, cheering for the Bruins) cooking, doing something or nothing with friends, old movies, bad TV and long visits to England.